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General questions and answers about Knack.

Knack is a mobile recruiting platform that makes it easy for hiring managers to find top engineering talent. Our flagship product is the Knack for Hiring Managers mobile app, which can be installed from Google Play or the Apple App Store. Once the app is installed on your phone, you can submit hiring requests in minutes and we guarantee talent flow within 48 hours. While we use powerful technology to match requests and resumes, we also assign a recruiter to each request who has the technical depth and experience to understand your needs and ensure a good fit. Every candidate is carefully reviewed before submission.

That depends on your interview process. We will start sending candidates to you within 48 hours of receiving your request. If your interview process starts with a phone screen and is followed by at least one onsite or video-based technical interview, which is common, it might take a few days to fill your position. We are confident that you'll be impressed with our speed and the quality of our candidates.

Absolutely. Every candidate is closely reviewed against your request and the other information we collect from you during our welcome call to ensure a good fit. We do our best to send candidates that not only have the required skills and experience, but who will also align well with your team and company culture.

We've created some pretty amazing technology to empower our recruiters and make them more efficient. Our resume parser extracts skills, titles, education, work history, and a lot of other information from resumes and applies a scoring algorithm to that data. We extract and score skills required from the hiring request the same way and match against candidate profiles. Our platform has geographical search, full-text search, and other features that allow us to present our recruiters with recommendations based on your request.

We guarantee candidates for 90 days. If for some reason the candidate leaves prior to 90 days, Knack will refund a prorated portion of your placement fee or send new candidates until the role is re-filled at a prorated contingency fee.

Yes, we can help with permanent, direct placements as well as contract roles. When you create a request, you'll be asked what type of relationship (direct hire or contract) you seek with the candidate. Either way, we'll send you the best of the best. Many of the contractors we work have remained with their employer for years and hold themselves to a standard of excellence that is just as high as engineers we place in permanent roles.

Guaranteed talent flow within 48 hours is a commitment we make to you based on years of experience in technical recruiting. There is no reason, with all the resources available to our recruiters (both internal and external) that we can't send you several highly viable candidates within 48 hours. We pride ourselves on speed and quality.


Questions and answers about your Knack account.

After you install Knack for Hiring Managers, you will receive a Welcome email with an invite to schedule an introductory call. We like to have a short phone conversation with each of our clients immediately after app installation to get a better understanding of your needs and make sure we understand your team dynamics and company culture. This helps us better evaluate candidates before submission. All subsequent communication happens within the app, via the chat interface.

When you submit a request, it will be reviewed by our recruiting team and assigned to an appropriate recruiter. Once your Knack Recruiter accepts your request, you can chat with him or her from within the app.

Knack for Hiring Managers will initiate a chat thread within the app when your request is accepted. You can easily message with your Knack Recruiter there. We do our best to minimize communication overhead between the hiring manager and the recruiter. This is one of many things that seem to be broken in the staffing industry. We respect your time and we know you're busy. We won't email or call you unless we have to. All communication will be in-app via the chat interface.

Once you start receiving submissions, you can tap into them to review the candidate's profile and resume. If you decide to pass on a candidate, you can click a thumbs down icon, provide feedback, and decline the candidate. If you like a candidate, you can click thumbs up to request an interview or make an offer. Knack makes it easy to request interviews by asking for two time windows you are available, duration of the call, and other details that we then forward to the candidate for confirmation. When the candidate confirms, you will receive a push notification.

Once you've interviewed a candidate and decide to make an offer, simply tap thumbs up from the candidate profile screen to make an offer. We consider the offer made through Knack a "soft offer" that will be followed by your own written hard offer made directly to the client outside of Knack.


Pricing questions and answers about Knack.

Knack is a contingency-based service. We only get paid if you hire a candidate we submit to you. For direct placements, our fee is 15% of the candidate's first year annual salary. For contracts, we charge a flat-rate markup of 25% on the hourly rate you agree to pay the candidate.

That depends on the relationship. For direct-hire roles, we will send you an invoice for our contingency fee with net 30 terms on the day the candidate starts. For contract roles, we will begin invoicing you one week after the candidate's start date, with net 30 terms and continue invoicing weekly for the duration of the contract. If your HR department prefers different terms and invoicing, we are flexible.


Questions and answers about Knack's policies.

Absolutely not. We will never share your personal information with any third-party for any reason. Only members of our recruiting team have access to your contact details for the purpose of filling your requests.

We will minimize communication with you outside of Knack chat out of respect for your time. However, from time to time we may send you emails showcasing engineering talent, discussing changes in our policies and processes, or just checking in to make sure we are meeting your expectations.


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